Kimberly Jones - 32 years old / Fitness Trainer - Birmingam (England). Choose from the following 4 key areas: High Intensity Interval Training, Resistance Training, Senior Fitness, and Weight Loss. High Plank. Thanks to this constantly growing training path, I have been able to improve myself and overcome my own barriers, transmitting the highest quality to my students in their training as well. It opens the mind to a new way of training, it truly has something extra. A level of attention is placed on the correct execution of every single movement to make it perfect that I would define as maniacal. I have practiced martial arts since I was a kid, and I have noticed improvements in my athletic gestures. The WTA Method is the top: scientific, detailed, innovative and unchallengeable... try it to believe it! It is a family in which we compare ourselves for our collective improvement. Giuseppe Castrignanò - 35 years old / Football Trainer & Gym Owner - Fano (Italy). Includes: 7 Accredited online courses, 7 live streamed sessions delivered by world class educators, 12 months access to our world class education platform, Access to our FTI Tribe group and events, Earn CEC’s and Save Hundreds of $$ by acting NOW, Includes 5 Certifications, 7 Live Streamed Sessions, Entire injury prevention platform with hundreds of hours of content, Templates and downloadable manuals, Access to our VIP groups, Earn at least 29 CEC’s and Save more than $1000 by acting NOW, We did it! – On-site Functional Training Courses and Certifications, with dates and venues scheduled annually or at your Gym by request; – Online Functional Training Courses and Certifications, with ebook, training programs and video lessons (from 100 to 180 videos depending on the Course) If you want to … In fact, in all the courses I have followed, you are always provided with detailed explanations and reasons of why to execute certain movements and not others. Silvia Mosetti - 36 years old / Personal Trainer - Aprilia (Italy). Joana Kisieliute - 26 years old / Functional Trainer - Asti (Italy). My compliments to the coaches, Costantino Marzari and Enrico Guarato, who both had a unique precision and professionalism!!! WTA is the top!!!! Andrea Molon - 44 years old / Functional Trainer & Combat Sports Coach - Ivrea (Italy). Do 3 sets of each exercise. Alessia Del Mastro - 43 years old / Personal Trainer & Gym Owner - Ancona (Italy). The goal of functional training is also to prevent potential falls/accidents or try to … 50% of our clients are adults. Remember, for true 360° Functional Training there is only the WTA!! It was rich in concepts but nothing is presented without a precise reason! I have been following the Master Trainer Emilio Troiano and the WTA Academy on YouTube for years, and have always been fascinated by the Method, but not being able to go to Italy to attend the courses, I was eagerly waiting for the Online Courses to start. Everything that you need to differentiate yourself, the WTA can give you. Paolo Pullara - 31 years old / Personal Trainer - Agrigento (Italy). I believe I will continue with the Online Training from WTA. Developed by world-renowned musculoskeletal and human movement expert Dr. Andreo Spina, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC ®), is a system of joint health and mobility training based in scientific principals and research.Mobility refers to the amount of USABLE motion that one possesses across a particular articulation (joint). The guidance of Master Troiano represents a certainty that manifests itself not only on the level purely of the practical but also the theoretical: everything has a meaning and a function. – On-site Functional Training Courses and Certifications, with dates and venues scheduled annually or at your Gym by request; One of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can get, functional trainers include weight stacks, pull-up bars, pulley systems to give you consistent load throughout your movements, and various accessories to attach to the cables. Yet, we can look at the landscape of fitness and ask the question, “is our training any smarter?” I find many have transitioned to training exercises instead of training movements. Functional training has become a fad and a lot of people are trying to cash into the idea! Adeline Renaud - 26 years old / Fitness Trainer - Melbourne (Australia). Stefano Levagnini - 46 years old / Fisioterapista & Personal Trainer - Modena (Italy), This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. GENERAL DESCRIPTION. 45 is the total amount of time for sweat-dripping, heart-pumping fun. ESC is an approved course provider for Safety Instrumented Systems training of the TÜV Rheinland Functional Safety Training Program: Online – November 2020 Online – January 2021 Online – February 2021 Warrington – April 2021. Earn CEC’s and Save Hundreds of $$ by acting NOW GENERAL DESCRIPTION. She had always been kindly inviting me to Italy to attend the training course, to learn everything that could be useful for my personal training, but for reasons of studying and working abroad I had never managed to match my holidays with the scheduled dates of the courses. This course has various modalities “online”. 2. Buy a highly recommend kettlebell workout book with many functional exercises incorporated → Learn how to train with one of the most functional tools—the kettlebell → Take our online course and learn over 70 kettlebell clean variations → Buy a real kettlebell t-shirt → 8. No. 2) Are you taking your first steps into the world of Functional Training and do not know where it is best to start? Companies with limited budgets will now be able to get valuable, functional safety training for their employees as they will save significantly in travel time and expenses. It wouldn’t be right! When you leave this page, it’s gone forever. Absolutely the best! An innovative Method that finally manages to establish a practical connection with the science of movement in 360 degrees in an intuitive and detailed way. Based on our experience with thousands of Trainers trained since 2009, we suggest these different options: 1) Do you already have general experience in Functional Training and want to specialise in the use of a specific tool or Training System? Following this, you can also choose to incorporate the course that you have purchased into one or more specific Educational Pathways for: // What the Scientific Principles are on which Functional Training is based and how to use them effectively in the practice of the exercises (Human Physiology, Anatomy and Biomechanics); // Which the principal fulcrums of movement are and which the fulcrums of body stability are, and how to use them effectively, both in practical exercises and daily movements, and in the motor patterns of the sports that are practiced; // How to prevent injuries through Intelligent Functional Training, and how to implement strategies of post-traumatic recovery through intelligent body Movement; // What the myofascial chains are, how they work, and how to use them to the fullest in the execution of the movements in order to improve the posture and the performance of every person; // What the specific technical features are of the various Functional Training Tools (Kettlebells, Barbells, Suspension Training, Clubbels, Sandbags, Medicine Balls, Ropes, Elastic Bands, Dumbbells and more) how to best use them according to the capacities and the Target of the Client; // A logical and effective progression to teach the technique of the exercises through a series of preparatory and complementary exercises based on the potential of each person; // What progressions must be respected in the development of Functional Training Programs, both for Personal Training and for Group Training; Read more on the Professional Competences and Technical Skills that you will acquire in our Educational Courses, We have double option to attend our Professional Courses: Hip and Thoracic Openers. The 10-Week Online Course, The Functional Training System: Training For Humans and The Power Of Posture E-Book are ALL available on my website for a total of $579.85. This is … This phrase is similar to “core training” or “metabolic conditioning,” phrases that are also overused, misused, and misunderstood. I recommend it to all the experts in the field. As a trainer, when you start to think about the corrective exercise side of training, you also need to know your definition of functional fitness. Incredible??? Through assessment and analysis, you will identify the movements and muscles involved in your clients’ chosen sports or activities, then select the best exercises and programs based on desired results and performance goals. For me it has no equal! A functional trainer is fantastic for all-in-one gym setups and overall fitness. For example: improving your squats would help you get up and down from a chair and lunges would make climbing stairs easier. Functional exercises tend to activate more muscles and therefore consume more energy. Interventions are designed to incorporate task and context specific practice in areas meaningful to each patient, with an overall goal of functional independence. Competence, seriousness, and professionalism. LEARN MORE The workouts will kick your butt every time, plus they can be modified for … Adult groups are available from two to three times […] Functional Training Specialist Certification 100% Online Course – Comprehensive Training – Certification – Complete Career System – Ongoing Support Whether the goal is aesthetics or performance, proper functional fitness training will improve both. He has created a unique training system that focuses on the bodies ability to move and to lift in a creative and functional way. Today I finished the course of Kettlebell Training run by Senior Coach Giacomo Longo and I must admit that, even though it is my fourth course with the WTA, there is always, always, something to learn and the teacher was impeccable with his desire to transmit and his exceptional physical and theoretical preparation. Follow the WTA Method. The Functional Resource is a comprehensive downloadable product (in PDF format). >If, on the other hand, you recognise that you don’t have good Joint Mobility (of the hips and shoulder girdle), or you don’t have the Functional Training tools available, your best option is to start with the Primitive Functional Movement® Instructor Course (that is developed entirely free body, and teaches you how to improve Joint Mobility and how to best manage the use of the primary “tool” available in training, your own body). More Details. We have developed modular online courses designed for TEAM LEARNING of functional safety principles of IEC 61508 and specialised training for the safety instrumented system safety life-cycle of IEC 61511 / ISA 61511. From that moment on, everything around me changed. Andrea Cosentino - 32 years old / Army Trainer & Combat Sport Athlete - Taranto (Italy). The WTA Method is a guarantee of success, and the coaches are extremely prepared and passionate about their work. I managed to execute the Pistol Squat, despite the fact that I have a torn cruciate ligament and meniscus to be operated on!!! You only realise how innovative a system is when you marry it in totality. View the full range of Functional Training products available to buy online from the CYC Fitness website Learn How Hybrid & Online Functional Medicine Programs Can Help Free Up Your Time, Scale Your Income, and Reach Millions (While getting even better outcomes for your patients than you are now!) Functional fitness training enables the body to be strong, mobile, and flexible. I’m an instructor and a mum. From there I took my first training course and remained enthusiastic about the Method, discovering a whole new way of training that has allowed me to rediscover my potential, and greatly improving at the technical and physical level thanks to the wide training path available that varies from generic Functional training all the way up to specific courses. “Ideally, functional training conditions you to perform the actions of daily life [more effectively and efficiently],” says Jim DiGregorio, an exercise physiologist based in Norwood, N.J. For a more detailed explanation of functional training, read on. Generally speaking, if your “functional” training tries to emulate something that would make Daniel Craig roll his eyeballs, something is wrong! The only downside: only having discovered them 2 years ago!!! “Functional” of course is just a word, and it is commonly being applied to what is quite a wide concept. I have tried various, more or less valid, methods of training, but from the moment I discovered the Woman Functional Training, I understood that I had found what I was looking for: a personalised training, specifically for women, that considers all the constitutional and hormonal factors that influence the characteristics of natural aesthetics, with specific training programs for preventing and improving certain problems and finding the psycho-physical well-being that we all need! WE DON’T USE MACHINES... WE BUILD THEM!!! Enrico Dino - 30 years old / Personal Trainer - Asti (Italy). – Online Functional Training Courses and Certifications, with ebook, training programs and video lessons (from 100 to 180 videos depending on the Course). Functional Training for Sports, Rehabilition, Strength & Conditioning E-learning Functional Training Courses, with ebook, training programs and video lessions. Functional Training Odoo 8.0 Online Functional Training in English. New: Basic Functional Safety Course. In the WTA, nothing is left to chance... Ottavio Tramonte - 38 years old / Martial Arts & Functional Training Instructor - Rome (Italy). It is a Method that has the potential to meet all these needs, and which has finally helped me to definitively distinguish the subtle border running between physiotherapy/rehabilitation and postural well-being and physical training. @coach_tarek present, Plan your education for 2021 with our amazing Chri, #FitnessMotivation #Success #Focus #Dedication #De, DO YOU WANT TO BE THE BEST POSSIBLE COACH? For each of our products, we have also created a series of exercise videos that explain some functional training exercises.