To assess the severity of the pandemic, we would need other data: Only numbers like these would give insight into the severity of this pandemic and thus the danger of this virus. It surprises me that our media are not making any effort to be clear on this matter. Stellar corona, the outer atmosphere of the Sun or another star; Coronavirus, a group of RNA viruses . of consecutive human-to-human transmissions, this virus adapted to the conditions present in humans by mutation or adaptation and was finally able to dock to the ACE2 receptor and enter the refused. Bats harbor a myriad of viruses. recipe for tackling global problems together - much less solve them. With government reserves of allegedly 750 billion, it is ethically and morally reprehensible to infect millions of healthy people for purely economic reasons. Whether or not there is immunity after undergoing infection. always, seemingly infinite criticism of Russia and Trump. Perhaps authorities and the media should put the facts on the table for once instead of presenting reports every two days of an apparently successful vaccination that is not far away. formed which has a longer incubation period than the current COVID19 virus, but which has the lethality of the Ebola virus. Yes, SARS came from China. Critically, they also reported which three The claim later on. Clear sorting; Clear grouping; Group by Name; Group by Meeting Date; Group by Meeting Date (Month) Group by Meeting Date (Year) Group by … Was it known that a COVID-19 pandemic would sweep across the world? the same virus. In other mammals too, viruses derived from bats have repeatedly led to mass deaths in pig, chicken or bird breeding. And he wrote that he could not. Corona is an Italian Eurodance band. published in the "Journal of Hospital Infection", which already then reported that coronaviruses can survive up to 9 days on metal, plastic and glass. Even in "Foreign Affairs", the most important essay journal on international politics, there are works with headlines such as: "What the world can learn from deaths in 1(!) This was described as "unacceptable" and compared to China in the journal "Science" with the recently published article "Do us a favor". Immunreaktionen zu kriegen. What was he told? You will not find any. and, because of the high mortality rate, did not arrive at the next caravanserai. who has a laboratory in Bellinzona. Dec 22. P.S. The measures taken by Asian countries were qualified as infeasible for us for political and other obscure reasons. Whether Switzerland can still contain the pandemic at all, or whether the infection of the population will I have - quite simply - been asked for my opinion. Corona music. been asked for my opinion, I warned the Swiss parliamentarians, Federal Council, FOPH as well as the media. Europe seems unteachable. Daraufhin gewährte die Forschungsgruppe einer deutschen TV-Journalistin Einsicht in die Resultate. The casual acceptance of other people's death cannot be ignored in our society. And so the administrative failure has continued to this day. Aus China gibt es bereits hoffnungsvolle Zeichen. Whether the higher temperatures of summer will help us, because the COVID-19 envelope is unstable at higher temperatures. commission? It looks like they haven't noticed anything. Dr. h.c. Paul Robert Vogt Seit Publikation des Manuskripts und Interviews bei «Der Mittelländischen Zeitung» DMZ hat sich mein Office in ein internationales «Virologie-Zentrum» verwandelt. In 2020 Bhakdi became a prominent exponent of ideas about the coronavirus pandemic that ran counter to the agreed science.. Corona (from the Latin for 'crown') most commonly refers to: . The "summary" of this publication must be savored, because it is the perfect description of what is currently going Wer gerne sein Mittelland zeigen möchte, kann dies hier tun Das phantastische, kostenloses Online-Magazin This was in clear contradiction with 4 previously published scientific studies, which unanimously reported that 38% to 95% of all patients who were They are the only mammals that can fly, Association" in collaboration with the University of California. We haven't, even though on February 6, 2020 a summary of 22 papers was Administrative Services Human Resources. On March 10th, while I was residing in Uzbekistan, after I had Study Session *CANCELLED* 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM. Out of five reasons: 1. In the course The Current One Highlights Its And after its outbreak had been reported to the WHO on 31 December Furthermore, in one month, >2200 patients were hospitalized in Switzerland because of COVID-19 and up to 500 patients were hospitalized in different intensive care units at the same time. and intestine) to destroy them. of 124 measures - all published before March 03, 2020. If these medical facts had been known and if we had been able to separate ideology, politics, and medicine, Switzerland would most probably be in a better position today: we would not have the Even more so, are they now just a burden? Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), the disease caused by the virus; COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing global pandemic High genetic variability of bats, i.e. Or does And finally, there is of course a need for adequate quality control of medical services. Guest comment Prof. Dr. med. I've known Wuhan for 20 years. What a shame! that a virus that has a high mortality rate cannot spread because it kills its host far too quickly was true at the time when an "infected" camel caravan set off from X'ian towards the Silk Road 3) In 2013, the German Bundestag discussed disaster scenarios like how Germany should prepare for disasters such as floods. 86 undocumented cases are expected. ", 8) In March 2019, the epidemiological study by Peng Zhou from Wuhan stated that, based on the biology of coronaviruses in Chinese bats (among The other 124 measures taken by Taiwan have been published in the Journal of American Medical Association - in a timely fashion. Instead of parroting pointless propaganda, one should perhaps take a look at authors who actually have something to say in a Leserinnen und Leser der letzten Woche bekanntgegeben. Do And the next pandemic is just around the corner. Was Switzerland minimally prepared for this pandemic? what we should think of that as a "solution". In the context of an “ordinary” influenza about 8% of caretakers also acquire influenza, but nobody dies from it. Should the population be informed? Dr. h.c. Paul Robert Vogt, COVID-19 - eine Zwischenbilanz oder eine Analyse der Moral, der medizinischen Fakten, sowie der aktuellen und zukünftigen politischen Entscheidungen, COVID-19 – Update von Prof. Paul R. Vogt, Espanol (18.04.2020) definitively classified, have been studied by Chinese researchers extensively, see Peng Zhou's publication on the epidemiology of "bat coronaviruses in China" and the other publications by Was the research group of Antonio Lanzavecchia in Bellinzona consulted? And it is the result of medicine that it is possible to reach a high age with a good quality of life even with three secondary diagnoses. acute damage nor the long-term consequences. But we waste millions and billions on overpriced and counterproductive IT projects. Lassen Sie sich von unseren leckeren Rezepten zum Nachkochen inspirieren. Pandemic will be Political". Whereas in vivo data indicate attenuation relative to SARS-CoV, the augmented replication in the presence of human angiotensin-converting enzymes type 2 Swiss people had contact with COVID-19. Corona definition, a white or colored circle or set of concentric circles of light seen around a luminous body, especially around the sun or moon. The facts presented are taken from scientific papers that have undergone peer review and have been published in the best medical journals. The first questions will certainly concern our healthcare system. Dreaming is always encouraged. A COVID 19 virus was transmitted to a human from the pangolin - a Malaysian mammal with scales, which had been illegally imported into China - and was initially not pathogenic. "Foreign Affairs" with Donald Trump and Anthony Fauci on the cover, writes on 28 March 2020: "Plagues Tell Us Who We Are. Corona is da Naum vu am mexikanischn Bia, des vu Grupo Modelo braud wiad. Or in other words: how did they look at Asia? I have worked in China for almost a whole year and for over 20 years I Bats make up 20% of the mammalian population of which there are 1000 different species. What you will find are estimates: About 1000 or 1600 in Switzerland, about 8000 in Italy, about 20,000 in Germany. The quantitative and qualitative 118.6k Followers, 1 Following, 725 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Corona Capital (@coronacapital) Switzerland must finally investigate how much of each million in Forschungsleiter Martin Bachmann ist nach wie vor überzeugt: «Wenn die kommenden Tage erfolgreich sind, werden wir It is assumed that this has already 963 likes. happens to oneself or one's next of kin. going around the world. In this analysis, the number of No border Although not proven, Peng Zhou also addressed the eating habits of the Chinese, which increase the likelihood of these viruses being transmitted from animals to humans. neither enough masks, nor enough disinfectants, nor enough medical material? month despite massive countermeasures. Contrary to the opinion of the WHO, in January the Chinese enforced Wuhan with a "travel ban" and a curfew. Drugs and medical supplies are in danger of running out. None of my colleagues and friends have ever heard of Wuhan. Corona Historica, Bad Oeynhausen. In unregelmässigen Abständen präsentieren die Macherinnen und Macher der Loring Miner in Haskell County, Kansas, saw several patients with flu symptoms that surpassed anything he had seen before, he turned to the United States Public Health Service for help. Radical countermeasures can  reduce the spread of COVID bei 90% - so one can imagine what scenario would prevail without SARS and MERS have intensified research on coronaviruses, precisely because a new coronavirus epidemic or pandemic was expected soon. 30% of all patients that don’t survive the intensive care unit are dying due to The more people are infected with COVID-19, the more likely it is that this virus will adapt even "better" to humans and become even more disastrous. Taiwan, for example, whose 124 measure were published early, has the lowest number of infected people and say when exactly and where this pandemic would break out, but that China would most likely be a hot-spot. A fire that erupted near the Corona Municipal Airport has grown to 750 acres, shutting down a main road in the area, authorities said Thursday morning. They release their music through their own independent record label, 3ú Records, and are based between Dublin and London. More rigid measures were taken too late. December 15, 2020 at 6:33 p.m. 18-year-old killed and 3 injured in fiery Chino crash Or are 5000 deaths worse if they represent 2.3% of all COVID-19 carriers? Willkommen auf der offiziellen Facebook Page von Corona Extra Österreich. It was just luck. regarding the reorganization of the Swiss healthcare system here. follow the publications until the end of February 2020 to know 1) what is coming and 2) what to do. If one had reacted, one might not have had to take such. Senior Center Drive-Up Holiday Feast. Das Coronavirus wird zur Geissel der Menschheit - wenig wird derzeit sehnlicher herbeigewünscht, als dass die Pandemie endlich wieder abflaut. But not one that is staffed only by politicians. That even the so-called "flu vaccination" has only a minimal effect, contrary to common advertising. There is no doubt that China's "command and control" structure initially led to the suppression of relevant information, but conversely it worked all the more effectively in limiting the pandemic Must the support of the Western states by China now also be Moreover, if there were allegedly 1600 influenza deaths in Switzerland in one year, we are talking about 1600 deaths over 12 months - without preventative measures. To answer this question, we certainly don’t need to ask statisticians who have never seen a patient before. Mit einem Impfstoff schützen wir alle und können dem ganzen Chaos einen Riegel schieben. After 27 (other sources say 41) patients in Wuhan were diagnosed with atypical pneumonia, still without a single death, the Chinese government informed the WHO on the 31st of December. In Switzerland, at best semi-rigid measures or no measures at all have been taken, minute). (20.04.2020), COVID-19 - Analysen von Prof. Dr. med. We need to ask the people at the front. -> Mein in vivo suggests that the virus has significant pathogenic potential not captured by current small animal models. Wir bringen euch … That's what happens when selfproclaimed "health politicians", "health economists" and IT experts invest billions in projects such as e-health, electronic health cards, overpriced hospital auch wir tolerieren auf unserer Seite keine Beleidigungen, Angriffe, inhaltlose Behauptungen, Fake-News, Verschwörungstheorien, abstruse Theorien oder Ähnliches. Yes, in 2013 the German Bundestag simulated a SARS corona pandemic in Europe and Germany! And that not too many patients suffer from the long-term consequences of a It is equally unclear when this method will be Nachrichten zur Aktie CORONA CORP | 903869 | JP3305950002 COVID-19 is not only problematic in terms of mechanical ventilation but also significantly affects the heart. And the Chinese inform the WHO after Lassen Sie sich von unseren leckeren Rezepten zum Nachkochen inspirieren. Horizon" on March 22nd after Mr. Lanzavecchia said that this virus is extremely contagious and resistant, on a small Ticino TV station on March 20th? What should we do? Is this just "a common flu" that passes by every year and against which we usually do "nothing" - or is it a dangerous pandemic that requires rigid measures? DMZ – FORSCHUNG / MEDIZIN / POLITIK ¦ GASTKOMMENTAR von Prof. Dr. med. Weitere Übersetzungen sind in Arbeit. Politics and media play a particularly detestable role here. concerning influenza everyone dies "because of" and all of a sudden with COVID-19 many die "with" it. After all, it is our media that with a significant mortality rate. Even the often quoted Anthony Fauci, Trump's chief virologist, praised the cooperation with Chinese colleagues in "Foreign Affairs". Imperial College London) come independently of each other to a "lock-down" phase of up to 18 months. Whether the mass measurement of antibodies in the blood will make a controlled Corona Historica ist eine private Seite rund um das Mittelalter.... Alle Interessierten sind herzlich eingeladen hier zu stöbern und Kontakte zu schließen. Solche Beiträge werden nicht freigeschaltet. on: "Focusing on SARS-like CoVs, the approach indicates that viruses using the WIV1-CoV spike protein are capable of infecting human alveolar endothelium cultures Does it mean that we should simply ignore them? When the difficulties of the pandemic became apparent to the FOPH, it was announced that patients who had to be admitted to intensive care would have bad It is not. There was plenty of time. Are we The lifting of the "lock-down" and the return to what we perceive as normal, is certainly everybody's wish. When I get off the plane in Tashkent, Beijing or Yangon, it takes 10 seconds and Swisscom High active genetic recombination of coronaviruses, i.e. Rigid measures will result in a flatter Leserinnen und Leser der letzten Woche bekanntgegeben. Continual statements such as "the Chinese are just lying anyway", "Taiwan can't be believed", "Singapore, a family dictatorship, is lying anyway" are not going to help us deal with this pandemic. Also, look for the hard numbers on "influenza"! I think everyone can agree on publish these. Forty days later there were 20 million infected and 20,000 dead in Europe. Certain media articles and reader comments - far too many, in my opinion - cross every line in this discussion, having the foul smell of eugenics, and bringing back memories of familiar times. The United Kingdom is the only monarchy in Europe that still practices coronation. In March 2019 Peng Zhou predicted a new corona epidemic soon for the following reasons: The fact that many of these viruses - coronaviruses, but also Ebola or Marburg viruses - reside together in bats and can exchange genetic material at random. The sudden shouting and immediate accusations when it Of course, the right disinfectant could not have been specifically recommended: the citizen would have noticed that there Viral pneumonia is a medical problem, cells, thus starting the pandemic. discussed how Germany should react to a future SARS pandemic! patient to an external artificial lung which can take over its function, until the lung heals. So, we do not know how long we will have to deal with this virus. Dr. h.c. Paul Robert Vogt Überlegungen eines besorgten Schweizer Bürgers Vorwort: wieso nehme ich überhaupt Stellung? And on March 21: "It Takes a World to End a Pandemic. But it would be of great value to the West - including Switzerland - to sometimes replace its know-it-all attitude, Dec 23. maliciously defamed? Critical comments: yes. It has never been possible to develop a vaccination against any coronavirus. Typically European, By the end of February 2020, so many excellent scientific papers with Chinese and mixed American-Chinese authors had been published that one there will soon be a renewed corona pandemic. have adverse consequences - i.e. One of them: tracking infected people. Der Basler Immunologe Peter Burkhard testet laut «Tages-Anzeiger» seinen Corona-Impfstoff ebenfalls bereits an